Nashville Scene

Holy Mountain / Show Preview - Kinds of the Rochester NY noise scene -- larger kingdom than you might suppose -- this three-man ensemble most recently recorded a pulsing, clanging suite to accompany the wordless first 31 minutes of Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky's surreal odyssey The Holy Mountain. There's no word on whether the footage will accompany the group's show at Springwater, but without Jodorowsky's assaultive visuals of deformity and exploding frogs, the piece unfolds on CD as a sonic squall that swells, rages and recedes -- a recipe for a potentially mesmerizing live show. Adept at instruments ranging from zithers and amplified sheet metal to Tibetan prayer bowls, Pengo headline a five-band bill of electronic experimentation and drone-rock that includes one-man Toys R Us-noisemaker Radio Shock, Breathmint label chief Mat Rademan's band Newton and Nashville's own Tan As Fuck and Banjoland, both featuring former members of the New Faggot Cunts. (Oct 24, 2002)

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