Various Artists - i don't think the dirt belongs to the grass

Mimaroglu Music

triple-disc compilation celebrating 12+ years of joe tunis' (Joe+N) carbon records label... spiralling out one disc at a time from rochester, ny, first to the rest of the usa, then to the rest of the world... a very nice thing: three full-color printed discs housed in a triple-amaray case with a gatefold carstock insert, all inserted into a very familiar-looking "cloth parts" bag (uline represent!)

right off the bat what strikes me as impressive/attractive about this comp is its relentless diversity; one track might be minimal computer music; the next some lo-fi broadband noise, then a sound-art piece, then a song by a rock group... but at the same time there's a tangibly real commonality to not just the participants herein but the noises they choose to make and (re)arrange. and this, my friends, is what ultimately makes a good comp; tying bonds and an overall thread.

that said; there's something on here for everyone... and in fact you might end up, like myself, enjoying just about everything on this set, from the pieces by the names you know/trust to those by otherwise unknowns (for example; i didn't know john charlton 's name, but his acoustic guitar/tibetan singing bowls/wine glasses piece on here - click to your left for a sound-sample - ended up being one of my favorite pieces.) for $20 it's an absolute steal...

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    i don't think the dirt belongs to the grass


    Carbon Records CR99