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This postal meeting between two underground label kingpins, Antony Milton (Pseudoarcana) and Joe+N (Carbon records) begins in surprisingly heavy territory. Pulsing fuzzed-out electronics combine with guitar mangling to create a truly disorienting murk. It seems Milton's recent forays into black metal have spilled over into the work he does under his own name.

For a mail collab the distance between the two performers is quite effectively bridged here. The interplay and symbiotic relationship between the Milton and Joe+N creates the impression of a late night jam in a low-lit room, rather than CDRs carted across a vast ocean by indifferent hands.

The packaging of this release really does seem to give a good indication of the sounds within, it features a picture of a moth obscured by a piece of yellow plastic (which looks like some sort of factory off cut). The whole thing is bound in silver electrical tape. Sounds pretty haphazard, but it ends up looking cool. So too with the album itself, the sounds some times seem a little random, but it works.

Overall the first track reminds me of an extended instrumental track by Gate, which is good thing for sure. Feedback, static and dissonance (the pet hates of creepy audiophiles the world over) are deployed over the course of this piece without fear and to great effect.

Track two is more eerie, a moaning violin is married to an ambling acoustic guitar to create the ideal Pagan festival comedown soundtrack. There is a vocal somewhere in the mix, but it ends up only as a suggestion of a voice, like some murmer of a human presence, somewhere back there in the trees. The spell is momentarily broken by the voice of child and the response of a parent (presumably Joe+N). It's kinda funny and serves as a reminder that you really shouldn't take this stuff so seriously.

"Can You Find Your What" is a successful collaboration on every level. Further fruits of this musical friendship should be eagerly anticipated. 8/10 -- (13 February, 2007)

  • Joe+N

    can you find your what


    Carbon Records CR120

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