Andy Gilmore - Lord, hold my hand while i run this race.

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I've only ever paid Andy Gilmore passing interest. I never really gave his Of Lice and Moons much contemplation. It was only when I absorbed myself in Lord, Hold My Hand While I Run This Race that I discovered a truly captivating and emotionally-driven exhibition of sound.

These lonesome guitar and piano creations drift and stray out of the disc and implant themselves directly into your imagination, where they reminisce over whispered sighs of sentimental memories and ecstatically rejoice over the empty shells of past glories. In doing so, it evokes a stirring, sequestered awareness of abandonment, and removal from these joyful recollections. These bleaker elements begin to penetrate and alter those thoughts. The stark sensation that you are now withdrawn from reality is a cold wake-up call that spits you back out into Gilmore's desolate sounds.

The clanking of piano pedals and clinking of keys makes for a perfect soundtrack to a despondent existence, but through this, it still manages to radiate splendour and beauty. This won't just pull at your heartstrings, it will puppeteer them.

When we were younger, we couldn't appreciate the lack of responsibility we had. Now that we've grown, we increasingly find ourselves asking, like Gilmore, for someone to hold our hand while we run this race.

  • Andy Gilmore

    Lord, hold my hand while i run this race.


    Carbon Records CR88

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