Joe+N - live at christchurch

Foxy Digitalis

Joe + N is Joe Tunis, the mastermind behind Carbon Records and the 10YR Series. This is, as the title states, a live recording at Christchurch. Here Joe serves up a gorgeous slice of resonating solo guitar that rings out and basks the audience in a warm, misty glow. The guitar continues to ascend into the highest reaches of the atmosphere, like a stream of smoke rising and then dispersing into thin air.

This reverb-treated guitar passage is maintained until it begins to decompose and then gradually expands and progresses into a much more shadowy, heavy, piano-trodden piece. If the first reverb-led half covered the listener in a warm glow, then this is the cold, stark, solitary aftermath. It increasingly detaches itself from the original body, and embarks on a journey into the ominous unknown. Now becoming much more assertive, a high pitched ringing builds in strength, and the scattered piano keys develop into a thunderous pattern. From here, it turns into something much more sinister and destructive; the ringing drone growing louder and more dominant, then collapses under its own chaotic confusion. This slow recording ends up falling to pieces, but the perverse beauty still shines through the rubble.

  • Joe+N

    live at christchurch


    Carbon Records CR81

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