Entente Cordiale - the recognition of common interests

Foxy Digitalis

Entente Cordiale is a three-piece unit whose work revolves mainly around string drone. "The Recognition of Common Interests" is their third full length offering, as well as there most accomplished and satisfying work to date. Starting off with "an understanding is met" the trio create a wonderful space that merges pure simple melodic beauty with dissonance in such an elegant manner that one almost always wants to begin the album over again as soon as the track comes to completion with its final trails of drifting smoke.

When one is finally placated enough, for the time being, with the strange beauty of the first track and decides to move onward, one is greeted with a complex array of deep drones, heavy slow-ass riffs, odd repeated and shifting noises, and enough space augmented with the correct use of silence to keep the air filled with an almost uncomfortable and engaging tension. This music of Entente Cordiale is complex and deeply satisfying on many levels. These three players are really expert at creating and manipulating sounds and their interaction with one another displays that they really no how to listen to one another as well. 9/10

  • Entente Cordiale

    the recognition of common interests


    Carbon Records CR150

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