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Made up of two tracks "Curse of Abraham" is the first full length CDR by Crush the Junta; a trio that bring forth a blend of pounding doom-inflected sludge with hints of math and indie rock weaving their way in and out of the mix. To lay it out simply this trio really knows how to lay it all flat out and show no mercy with their sonic assault.

The first track starts out with some guitar swells and ambient drum noises slowly but surely coalescing into a lumbering monster. What really sets this track ablaze is the rumbling undertones of Chris Reeg's stand-up bass, as it forms a foundation for the drums and guitar to play over as well as maintaining its own directional clarity. As the first track trudges forward a sudden silence is reached until a quickly strummed guitar moves in and out and then explodes into more extreme heaviness. But the real clincher comes in the third movement of this track where the guitar becomes the rhythmic foundation, laying it down with a jazz infused math-rock swing, while the bass and drums find their way in and out of its simple repetition.

The second track, another live effort continues on with similar energies, beginning a bit more melancholy than before, invoking the desert airs of Earth's latest forays. Slowly the beast reappears moving forward with its single-minded energy to destroy, littered with some melodic leads that soon explode into all out chaos only to recover and find a new path to trod down, before making a half tempo return to the main riff that got the set going in the first place and eventual return to a (slow) full speed accompanied by the faintly heard cries of someone screaming vocals over the din and finally chaos takes us out. 9/10 -- Cory Card (26 September, 2007)

  • Crush the Junta

    the curse of abraham


    Carbon Records CR156

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