Joe+N - Neither Painting Nor Sculpture

Foxy Digitalis

These are sound recordings designed to accompany guitarist (and Carbon mogul) Joe+N 's first installation of visual art. The idea with both music and art is to show process, stages of destruction and creation, points at which, while not a final piece of "art" art is present as is in the state of being constructed.

Too theoretical? Not really, if you can picture the frame of a painting hung on a wall with not picture inside. Just by hanging that frame, to decide on its place on the wall, it becomes art, in the sense that the beauty and use of anything becomes deeper and more varied when isolated and contemplated. Here, joe+n's music is a kind of example of the visual pieces, in construction. We can't see the art, and yet we know that the music we are listening to is an accompaniment to art; the listener is constructing the installation for herself, given the involvement being only auditory. This in effect includes the listener into the process of creating the installation; all that is left is to see the visuals, and the music is the door into that. 7/10

  • Joe+N

    Neither Painting Nor Sculpture


    Carbon Records CR140

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