Bjerga / Iversen - burning the light at both ends

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The duo of Bjerga and Iversen have been prolific recorders of heavy free-drone and guitar/electronics based psychedelic improv over the past two years, and many of their releases have been finding their way into Crucial Blast. Using electronic noise, found sounds, and heavily distorted guitar drones, the duo consistently deliver slabs of evocative, weighty drift that at times sound like a trippier, FX-drenched version of Sunn O))). But the musicians are also busy outside of their core collaborative project, as we find Sindre Bjerga teaming up with a project called Crazy River for a massive 33 minute drift jam split across two tracks on this handmade disc from Carbon. The group open with "Black Forests Of The Mind", a live improvisation recorded in Oslo, Norway in 2005, and it's a massively heavy zoneout punctuated by weird noises and voice samples. The sound of revving engines and small machines is fed through a thick wall of delay and released to float over a thick amplif ier hum that builds in volume and heaviness over the course of the set until it becomes a buzzing black roar of ambient drone-metal swirled with druggy FX and whirring noises, like Sunn O))) mixed with Nurse With Wound or something along those lines. Nearly eighteen minutes long, the jam finally winds down into a hazy, muted hum.

The second track "Brusied But Not Broken" was captured in Stavanger, Norway in 2005 and is another epic improvisation, this time composed from random percussion, squelchy tape manipulations, and hushed riffing. It's a dense soundworld of scraping textures and sampled piano concertos, unnerving stereo panning that send monstrous chewing sounds and snarls spinning around the room, metal scraping and digging sounds, and heavily distorted psych-rock riffing that's buried under it all. A really creepy free-noise jam that sounds like the audio soundtrack to some demented slasher flick.

A really nice handmade package as usual from Carbon, with a green paper sleeve sprayed with silver paint and layered with a vellum insert that's printed with the track info, and slipped inside of a heavy plastic sleeve.

  • Bjerga / Iversen

    burning the light at both ends


    Carbon Records CR119

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