Entente Cordiale - 1904

Crucial Blast

This single-track, 23 minute disc contains some excellent, gluey, guitar-based improvised drones that sort of bridge the gap between Earth 2 and the celestial sludgy krautrock of SKULLFLOWER's Orange Canyon Mind, with thick rumbling feedback dripping slowly over swells of repetitious chords and peals of strangled guitar strings. ENTENTE CORDIALE rarely employ any actual melodies in this recording, but those that do appear, surface only momentarily before they are dragged back down beneath the mighty amplifier hum. The Rochester, NY based group uses 3 guitars and an army of distortion pedals to erect 1904, and it's a solid monument of amp worship along the lines of early EARTH, VIBRACATHEDRRAL ORCHESTRA, FULCI, and SKULLFLOWER. The unmarked disc is packaged in a minimal but nice looking cardstock wallet in a resealable plastic sleeve.

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