Green Dreams - Sweats

Aquarius Records

Got three new releases from the Carbon label on this week's list, one being this kick ass one sided silk screened 12" from an outfit called Green Dreams, who take old school AmRep style noise rock and inject it with some serious poppiness, reminding us at times of Alice Donut (especially the vocals) and another recent aQ fave Roomrunner. Seven songs in 16 minutes, thick distorto bass, fuzzy crunchy guitars, frenetic drumming, and some seriously cool/weird vox, each song a churning tangle of wild riffage and animalistic drum pound, but rife with some serious hookiness, as well as some muscly metallic moments as well. The vibe is seriously reminiscent of Nirvana's Bleach for sure, but the whiney nasally vox definitely give the sound its own distinctive vibe. Crazy catchy and seriously infectious, heavy and noise rocking in a style that seems to be making a resurgence of late - the nineties never sounded so good!!!

The packaging is super sweet too. A folded over silkscreened eye popping almost 3D looking sleeve, the vinyl silkscreened on the B side, includes a xeroxed insert and a download code as well.

  • Green Dreams


    One-sided LP

    Carbon Records CR205

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