I wish my wife was this dirty


I wish my wife was this dirty


Carbon Records CR198

35 minutes of mostly slow, sometimes fast, and always super heavy and thick bass and drums, with limited vocals. Tuurd rises from the ashes of Hilkka (math/indie rock band around for 13yrs). Featuring Nuuj (Pengo, Asthmatic, r.nuuja) and Joe Tunis (Tumul, Crush the Junta and formerly of Pengo), on bass and drums respectively. metal/stoner/doom/spazz/noise.

In the tradition of two-man acts such as Ruins, godheadsilo, Halo, Lightning Bolt, Big Business, Hella, Orthrelm and Om and influenced by the sounds of Corrupted, Abruptum, Sleep, Harvey Milk, Crom, Melvins, Karp, Killdozer, Zeni Geva, Thrones, Earth, Sunn 0))), Codiene, Painkiller, Oxbow, Cheer Accident, Slug, Unsane, Pelican, Meshuggah, 400 Blows, Isis, and of course Black Sabbath.

Limited to 300 on brown vinyl with full color sleeves.