Various Releases (bundle deal)


Various Releases (bundle deal)

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Special SQ/SpeedQueen Bundle Deal! 4 CDs for $15!!!

__moments imaginaires (8988) - SQ returns with a new long player guaranteed to rearrange the molecular structure of your eardrums. Macro and micro tones clash and fuse in a post-everything petri dish. Not content with just simply pulverizing their guitars and drums into atomized dust, the SQ gang preform post production autopsies on the raw tapes and concoct new vistas in damaged sound. Like that kid who always has green fluid dripping out of the corner of his mouth, this will fascinate and scare you at the same time. "Best of the year, so far." _Journal of Mutation Research (May 2000)

big leaves on a small tree - Six long investigations into improvised and composed density. Ranges from math/metal to sublime ambient droning. Fans of Gaster Del Sol, godHeadSilo, Slint and Spacemen 3 take note.

monosite - Two men effortlessly levitate two tons of pure sound. Open and out free rock that blisters and drones. Brings to mind the Dead C., A Handful of Dust and the Air Traffic Controllers. "I can't believe it's not Kiwi!"

06.29.00 - 35 minutes of free-improv swells, bursts and dialogues, recorded like at the Bug Jar (Rochester NY). accompanying the SQ duo were John Schoen (Pengo) on alto saxophone and r.nuuja (Sheet) on japanese noise making devices. [limited edition of 75, numbered and packaged in sealed kraft cardboard CD folders. must be torn to open.]