Moving Gelatin in a Translucent World


Moving Gelatin in a Translucent World

Audiobot BOT09

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Pengo throws a spear at the dark clouds to let light shine down on their unholy summoning. Towers are left in the static and chemical predictions take form. Circles have been baptized with dog liver oil, crosses inverted. Strange masked men gather around the lake to metamorphose into minstrels and troubadours of uncanny spiritual heights, striving for a high heaven. Pengo runs, pushes and smashes ice while moving itís way through an iceblock field filled with icey critters.

An intruiging unearthly presence that promises to make the dead slumber the earth again. The third track explodes into a brutal reign of thunderous guitar mayhem, pleasing your skull with the force of Thorís Hammer. Full speed ahead psychedelic razorblade aimings for the sixth sense, after all youíre right in the middle of a sandpaper storm. What remains are the smoking ruins and laughing demons pondering on the borders of hookah transpiration and incomprehensible somatology. Where did the legs go. Coughing up blood in the Tibetan prayer bowl 24 page book drawn and designed by outsider art gee Dennis Tyfus (covers for Trumans Water, Cassini Division, Bohrbug, Monno, Autistik Youth, Sickboy, Doom and endless work for publications, flyers, books and exhibitions)and silkscreened by Iris Rombouts and Carlo Steegen. This item is massive !!! [limited edition of 160]