Outlier Communications OCOMM1

The debut LP by Outliers, "Germinal," offers a kaleidoscopic blend of lo-fi sensibility and hi-fi substance. The duo delivers on its namesake by deviating from musical norms. Using atypical rhythms, atonal sounds, and shifting forms, their music creates an inviting familiarity. Outliers' music can call a number of genres home: electronic, ambient, psychedelia, minimalism. No matter what you label it, "Germinal" will soothe your psyche with its shimmering inner light and massage your senses with its meditative warmth.

Consisting of Canadian underground veterans Kevin Hainey and Sarah Tracy, Outliers emerged this summer with a trilogy of digital only EPs that launched their umbrella label, Outlier Communications. "Germinal" marks the debut vinyl release for the label, which intends to present a diverse and multi-cultural platform for new experimental music. It is being released in tandem with a new LP by legendary Argentinian band Reynols, "Gona Rubian Ranesa."

The record label is a natural progression for Outliers' Kevin Hainey. He previously owned and operated Toronto's Inyrdisk label for a decade, for which "Music fans... have to stop and appreciate the contribution the strange and colourful label has made to Toronto's music community." --BlogTO, 2014.