Unlikely Soldiers


Unlikely Soldiers


Carbon Records CR228

Muler made a new record and is releasing it on Carbon Records. What a surprise. You’ll hear loud guitars, melodies, and hooks with enough noise and feedback to offend the masses. What a surprise.

Your parents will hate this record. Packed with far more energy than you would expect from bands who've been around this long (Muler was born in'92) each track is catchy enough to stick in your head for weeks. Recorded in Syracuse NY at Moresound, Unlikely Soldiers captures the band’s authentic indie pop vibe and energy while showcasing some gifted friends for added twists.

The record ends with a lyric “is this the last one?” I highly doubt it. These guys can’t quit each other.

[Includes digital download code.] First pressing limited to 300 copies!

All Songs by Muler

David Baumgartner - lead vocals, percussion, guitar
Sean Leahy - drums
Will Veeder - bass, keys
Jona Toll - guitar
Nick Walter - guitar, vocals

Pauline Coles - vocals
Amanda Rampe - scream
Andrew Greacen - wine glasses, handclaps

Recorded at More Sound in Syracuse, NY in Fall/Winter of 2014/2015
Recorded and mixed by Andrew Greacen
Mastered by Jocko

Album art by Andrew DeGraff - andrewdegraff.com
Photos by Helio Sun Photography
Design and layout by Nick Walter