Green Dreams


One-sided LP

Carbon Records CR205

1 side (of music), 7 songs, 16+ minutes, 1 side of artwork (green on black silkscreen), this is an amazing collection of heavy, raucous, punk/dirgy sounds from this trio (now four-piece) band from Rochester, NY. With elements of that heavy mid-90's, mid-west sound ala the AmRep label, the speed and aggression of youth, and some damn catchy song writing. [1 side 12" with 1-color silkscreen on b-side. Covers are 2-color silkscreen on heavy green card stock, with half-lap back cover to view vinyl artwork. Includes insert and digital download coupon. Artwork and cover printing by Mike Turzanski - www.miketurzanski.com. Recorded by Ben Morey at Submarine. Mastered by Jocko at MoreSound.]