Remote Permutations

Entente Cordiale

Remote Permutations


Carbon Records CR251

Remote Permutations consists of 6 tracks recorded during the COVID19 Pandemic lock-down. Entente Cordiale is the trio of Chris Reeg, Will Veeder, and Joe Tunis, playing a variety of string and synth instruments. The idea behind the release was to have each member create two base/starter tracks, and then in varying orders, the other two members would overdub, creating a complete set of all combinations (permutations) of the trio. 3! = 3 x 2 x 1 = 6.

1. the act of permuting or permutating; alteration; transformation.
2. Mathematics.
a. the act of changing the order of elements arranged in a particular order, as abc into acb, bac, etc., or of arranging a number of elements in groups made up of equal numbers of the elements in different orders, as a and b in ab and ba; a one-to-one transformation of a set with a finite number of elements.
b. any of the resulting arrangements or groups

Chris > Will > Joe
Chris > Joe > Will
Will > Chris > Joe
Will > Joe > Chris
Joe > Chris > Will
Joe > Will > Chris

The sounds created range from deep/dark synth soundscapes, to drone guitar heaviness, to sparse free-noise stories.

def. Entente Cordiale
n 1: an informal alliance between countries [syn: entente]
n2: a friendly understanding between political powers [syn: entente]
n3. an agreement between two or more governments or powers for cooperative action or policy: "the economic entente between the Soviet Union and western Europe" (Robert W. Tucker).
n4. the parties to such an agreement.
n5. a fluid collection of string oriented players, creating drones, textures and a collective secular trance.

Will played electric guitar.
Chris played synth, piano, and bass.
Joe played electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and casio.

Mixed by Chris.