leaves and needles

Deciduous vs Conifer (aka AC vs DC)

leaves and needles


Carbon Records CR153

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2 tracks, 50+ minutes. DvsC is a trio consisting of R. Scott Oliver, Chris Reeg (Blood and Bone Orchestra, Entente Cordiale, Crush the Junta and more) and Joe Tunis (Joe+N, Entente Cordiale, Crush the Junta, SQ and formerly of Pengo). the trio plays only non-electrically enhanced instruments, including batteries (so no eBows). instruments on these recordings include acoustic guitar, homemade string instrument, double-bass, homemade mallets, bowls, bells, wooden box drums, bottles, melodica and more, "creating a non-shamanistic/spiritual approach to earthly music. it is what it is." [laser cut wooden cover with the DvsC logo, image behind the cut-out, with the CDR inserted into an adhesive backed vinly sleeve]