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NowPlaying LP Block

Walnut, Poplar, Padouk, Charred Poplar

Carbon Records CarbonCrates_NP_Walnut

Where do you put the cover to the LP you're currently playing? Like me, its probably laying on top of your turntable cover, or a stack of LPs next to your turntable. Why not display it proudly, and keep your turntable clutter-free. They also hold most 2LP (including gatefold covers), 7" singles, and standard jewel-case CDs, digipaks, etc.

Made from a solid piece of Walnut wood with a groove cut at an optimal angle to support your LP cover (with or without the LP inside). The wood is unfinished, so you can add a finish (clear or stain) to your liking. The bottom is branded with the CarbonCrates "CC" logo.


Charred Poplar