Autumn in Halifax


autumn in halifax is the quiet guitar and voice of new york native david merulla. interspersed with delicate instrumentals that also include keyboards and singing saw he tells cinematic stories of birds, avalanches, water, hearts and silence with a haunting mixture of tradition and sometimes experimental aesthetic.

additional recording and live players include or have included:

  • william d.doucette- multi-instrumentalist, drums and keyboards) (recording & live)
  • dan wise- bass (recording)
  • zack wentz- drums (recording)
  • matt strachoda- piano,lap steel (recording)
  • andy gilmore-guitar (live)
  • chad oliveiri- guitar,laptop programming (live)
  • joe tunis- drums (live)
  • chris reeg- bass (live)
  • amber coffman- guitar,vocals, drum programming (live)
  • will veeder- guitar- (live)
  • kelli shay hicks- violin,vocals,autoharp (live)


David Merulla - guitar, vocals, effects    

Autumn in Halifax Releases