Carbon 10YR.Series BOXSET

Various Artists

Carbon 10YR.Series BOXSET


Carbon Records CR91

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10YR.Series.BOXSET - This is the Carbon 10YR.Series Boxset. It includes 10 CDRs released throughout 2004, for the price of less than 9. Also included is a homemade wooden box with metal stamped cover and slide-drawer, which houses the 10 releases, plus a bonus DVD-R the making of.... Be the first on your block. The series includes Joe+N, Mike Shiflet, Dead Machines, Ming (Campbell Kneale of Birchville Cat Motel), Crawlspace, Coffee, Tom Carter & Shawn McMillen, Andy GIlmore, Howard Stelzer & the Cherry Point and Blood Stereo (Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance).