Joe+N Day-Tour 2012

August 18, 2012 - 10:00 AM

Joe+N Day-Tour 2012

August 18, 2012 - 10:00 AM

Joe+N day-tour 2012

13th Anniversary

Saturday August 18, 2012

theme: LUCK

On Saturday August 18, 2012, Joe+N will perform the thirteenth-annual day-tour in and around Rochester NY. the day will consist of 7 shows, each consisting of a 20-30 minute set.

Theme: Luck.

Players: Mike Rhinheimer, Ed Downey, Martin Freeman, Sean Leahy, Will Veeder, David Merulla, Chris Reeg, Chad Oliveiri, Camburger Fahresh, John Schoen and more...

I will record the entire day on both audio and video, and will be used for future releases and projects. There will be a special release or two available during the shows as well.

Here is the schedule (check back regularly for any changes):


  • 10am - lock32

    with Mike Rhinheimer


    on RT65/Clover Rd. enter the park area and proceed to the back of the parking lot area. NOTE the new entrance (just north of the old canal entrance).

  • 11am - Corbett's Glenn

    with Ed Downey and Martin Freeman


    turn on to Glen Road from Route 441 and park before the first curve in the road. we'll be playing inside the tunnel

  • 12pm - Linear Park

    Sean Leahy and Will Veeder


    Linear Park Drive off of 441 Westbound - Penfield, NY. park at the top parking area. we'll meet there and proceed up the creek and most likely play on one of the boulders in the water.

  • 1pm - Rochester Contemporary Arts Center

    with David Merulla and Chris Reeg (aka Autumn in Halifax and the Leaves)


    On East Ave, near Scio St, next to the Christ Church. We'll be performing on the sidewalk, in front of RoCo.

  • 2pm - Lakeshore Record Exchange

    with Chad Oliveri and Camburger Fahresh (aka, Jungle Heart)


    370 Park Ave. Special in-store performance

  • 3pm - NeedleDrop Records

    with John Schoen (aka. Beastview Maul)


    304 Gregory St, near South Ave.

  • 4pm - Cobbs Hill

    with various players...


    follow the road (entrance from Highland/Monroe) to the top near the reservoir. we're be playing in the pine grove on the right side of the road. this stop will consist of multiple 3 min random performances, randomness will be picked on the spot.