Blood Stereo - Hymn for the Crippled Mulato

Weirdo Records

A rather outdoorsy feel to these recordings from then-recent touring around the continent. Some background growling that makes it seem like you're Jane Goodall traipsing down a misty mountain, but at the bottom, instead of gorillas there are a bunch of tiny aliens landing in thousands of miniature spaceships, beeping as their engines swoop down. Plenty of contact mics rustling, dogs & birds & cow imitations, daughter Elka laughing like she just got a good one over on you, a cello sawing back & forth, whispery shudders of some sorta footpump (played by Chris Corsano no less), wet ploppings, unidentifiable brapps, and so on. I hear my favorite brand of duck call in there too!

  • Blood Stereo

    Hymn for the Crippled Mulato


    Carbon Records CR90

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