Arthur Doyle - No More Crazy Women

Volcanic Tongue

Although free folk spirit Arthur Doyle is primarily associated with the saxophone, the arc of his trails takes in a whole bunch of classic 20th century song and dance modes. Doyle's vocal style is a particularly original amalgam of a bunch of seemingly mutually exclusive currents, all reconciled with a delivery that is as far-out and unmediated by any concern for traditional expressive modes as it is playful and totally spontaneous. No More Crazy Women (nothing to do with the recent Qbico LP of the same name) is a special tour-only CD-R that bundles three impossibly-great solo vocal performances recorded straight to cassette. Packaging is real sweet too, with each CD fastened to a 6"x 6" painted board. The sound here is somewhere between early jazz scat singing, primitive field moans, the gutteral automatic accompaniment of Bhamanian guitarist Joseph Spence and the syntax-dissolving experiments of Henri Chopin. Features wild versions of "Round Midnight" and "Stormy Monday". Limited to only 150 copies.

  • Arthur Doyle

    No More Crazy Women


    Carbon Records CR104

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