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In order to mark ten years of consistent marginal agitation, the Rochester, New York based folk-format label Carbon Records released 10 specially commissioned CD-Rs every 36.5 days for the whole of 2004. 10 Yr. Series gathers all of these releases plus a bonus DVD-R in a handsome wood and metal box that stands as one of the most defiantly beautiful manifestations of home-made, non-corporate packaging to come out of the CD-R revolution to date. In a way, whats happening with CD-Rs right now parallels much of what has been going on in the bootleg scene for the past few decades, where a potent combination of subterfuge and love has birthed product of a quality that has far out-stripped the vision and capabilities of the official record labels, while dispensing with their legitimising stamp altogether.

As well as setting an exemplary standard for would-be basement infidels, 10 Yr. Series provides a capsule overview of some of the most intriguing marriages of avant theory and punk-primitive modes currently orbiting the mainstream. Besides masterminding the whole Carbon Records project, Joe Tunis is a formidable guitarist and sound-thinker in his own right. Along with his activities as a member of the post-LAFMS aggro unit Pengo, he moonlights under the solo guise of Joe+N. Joe+N contribution to the box is Live At Christchurch, where Tunis plays guitar, pummels piano and tears chunks of feedback from thin air. Theres more than a hint of Loren Mazzacane in the subtle thrust of his playing, but theres a stubby majesty to the way that he wrestles with fuzzy single notes that is all his own. Blood Stereo, the UK-b ased duo of Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance, are represented by 30+ minutes of Hymn For The Crippled Mulatto, a phased fog of sick, toxic strobe that moves according to an intuitive structural logic that is supernaturally satisfying. Tom Carter of Charalambides hooks up with ex-Ash Castles On The Ghost Coast member Shawn McMillen for Colors For, a series of still, low-level improvisations that vibrate with a tense, apocalyptic air. Carters slide work is particularly hypnotic, the slightest flick of his wrist sending small buckles of metal straight up your spine. Eddie Flowers legendary Crawlspace unit cross lurching group sprawl with a weird flux of cut-up sound and comedy shorts on Melbourne Cabbage Ratio while Dead Machines, the duo of Wolf Eyes John Olson and Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voices Tovah ORourke, navigate zero gravity with nothing but a pair of lead boots, some loose spools of tape and a huge grid of tactile electricity on Mystery Of The Fall Off Islands Part Two. There are also worthwhile sides from Ming (aka Campbell Kneale of Birchville Cat Motel), Andy Gilmore, Howard Stelzer And The Cherry Point, Coffee and Mike Shiflet. File this one alongside Revenants Albert Ayler box for a combined lesson in the best way to prime a counter-cultural time-bomb..

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