• Buck Again

    Foxy Digitalis

    by Sal Addays

    Buck Again

    Well, it's not every three-song solo acoustic EP that comes in a package with these words on it: "Recorded by Jem Cohen." But 'tis true, Ms. Hicks was recorded by the famous indie filmmaker/F.O.F. (Friend of Fugazi)...
  • live at christchurch

    Foxy Digitalis

    by James Clarke

    live at christchurch

    Joe + N is Joe Tunis, the mastermind behind Carbon Records and the 10YR Series. This is, as the title states, a live recording at Christchurch. Here Joe serves up a gorgeous slice of resonating solo guitar that rings out and...
  • Lord, hold my hand while i run this race.

    Foxy Digitalis

    by James Clarke

    Lord, hold my hand while i run this race.

    I've only ever paid Andy Gilmore passing interest. I never really gave his Of Lice and Moons much contemplation. It was only when I absorbed myself in Lord, Hold My Hand While I Run This Race that I discovered a...
  • Faster


    by burlapwax


    I picked this CD/DVD set up the day it was released at a show last year in Rochester NY, just played it again for the first time in months. Forgot how sweet this stuff is... Sheet is one of...
  • s/t



    Anla Courtis provides sounds for Andrey Kiritchenko to work on. Anla Courtis also provides sounds for The Moglass to work on. And both provide sounds for Anla Courtis to work on. Obviously, this three way global interchange of sounds and...
  • Pengo

    this show was the god damn bomb. every band came out of the gate dominating the small club that a friend and i wandered into expecting some sweet sweet noise.Pengo is a local noise outfit and they used everything...
  • i don't think the dirt belongs to the grass

    The Wire

    by Derek Walmsley

    i don't think the dirt belongs to the grass

    The compact Rochester, New York label Carbon Records is not the normal unit-shifting operation. Judging by their Website, there seems as much music being given away as there is being sold, and the roster of artists is too wide and...
  • Joe+N

    City Newspaper

    by Luke Strosnider

    [ART PIECE] Joe Tunis' (aka Joe+N) sculpture provides a palate-cleansing meditation to soothe the eyes after their initial jolt. Hung on the wall like a painted canvas, his piece features a large, square sheet of new, smooth plywood with...
  • Andy Gilmore

    City Newspaper

    by Luke Strosnider

    The drawings of Andy Gilmore feature intricate images of both human and animal subjects. Tight, straight red and blue lines compose the flesh depicted, looking much like the striations of muscle tissue. While a few of the works feature fully...
  • Buck Again

    City Newspaper

    by Chad Oliveiri

    Buck Again

    Kelli Hicks is well versed in the timeless. While her minimalist finger picking style, gentle voice, and wry lyrics recall the 'New Americana' movement, she's not pretending. When you see her play, it becomes clear: This is Kelli Hicks' music....
  • Buck Again

    FOUND Magazine

    by Davey Rothbart

    Buck Again

    Kelli Shay Hicks has a voice to break your heart. Her music is haunting and playful… I'm left quietly devastated.
  • Opsy Delet Space Before Com


    by Scott Mckeating

    Opsy Delet Space Before Com

    RELEASE: Joe+N, "Opsy Delet Space Before Com 3" CDR (FirstPerson)Listening to this latest Joe+N release it seems like he's nonchalantly clawing himself one step closer to creating a definitive slice of starveling musicality. The production sound and improvised...
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