(SQ - LONG WIRES) A thoroughly experimental approach to the realm of strings under a wide lens, featuring conventional instruments and techniques as well as abstract explorations in the realm of noise... Experimental instruments are explored in a series of settings and with a wide palette of techniques: preparation, tuning, fluctuating pitches, weaving of textures through the superimposition of different strands, possibilities of amplification –whether acoustic (sound boxes and their material dyeing of sound) or electric (feedback, effects). Engulfed by the sheer amount of possibilities that such adventures open up, the tracks move from the discovery of sounds to musical explorations of great beauty.

Other Reviews by Modisti

  • Joe+N - Neither Painting Nor Sculpture


    Neither Painting Nor Sculpture

    (Joe+N - Neither Painting Nor Sculpture) Vast textural surfaces of abstract (sonic) materials unfurl upon large format canvases. Concerned with continuity and dimension, the actual sound sources have a secondary relevance, thus simply featuring a rusty red distorted electric...
  • John Charlton - Walking the Red Road


    Walking the Red Road

    [ John Charlton - Walking the Red Road CDR]Superimposed layers of acoustic guitar reminiscent of those extremely reverberant and static playing styles associated with vast plateaux, progressively lead to complex textures of increasingly processed sound. Departing from the original source...
  • Entente Cordiale - 1904



    [ Entente Cordiale - 1904 CDR ]A collective approach to the development of extended drone textures created by means of electric guitars. Featuring a dense flow of pulsating, transparent veils, the superimposition of overtones and processed fabrics creates a complex dome of...
  • Joe+N - can you find your what


    can you find your what

    [ Antony Milton and Joe+N - can you find your what CDR ]Starting out from what could be described as a 'textural guitar drone scene', this duo explores the possibilities of such a medium using a greater scope in terms...