Jan Iversen / Sindre Bjerga - (Go With The Flow) Like a Twig on the Shoulders of a Mighty Stream

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The Norwegian duo of Sindre Bjerga and Jan-M. Iversen has been wowing me for a few years with their dark improv-noise, mostly through their prolific release schedule that sends clutches of super limited cd-rs out into the world through labels like Carbon, Ruralfaune, At War With False Noise, and Utech. It 's hard to believe that these guys are able to explore as wide ranging a realm of sounds as they do with all of their myriad releases, and I hardly ever hear them stay in one spot for long on any given release. Massive Earth-en guitar drone will find itself next to a track of battered toy noises, or the duo will emit crushing blasts of feedback and electronic squonk, then slide effortlessly into glistening ambience that blooms from a field of effects pedals that the artists manipulate in expert fashion. For any newcomers to Bjerga/Iversen's dark noisescapes, I would recommend this disc in a heartbeat. (Go With The Flow) Like a Twig on the Shoulders of a Mighty Stream has been put together as a collection of some of Bjerga/Iversen's best material, culled from an assortment of rare and out of print releases. Sixteen minute epics of flattened high-end feedback tones, mutated radio signals, psychedelic guitar noise and throbbing low-end are matched with shorter tracks like the grinding Teutonic sludgedrone of "Drawn To The Light, Like Moths To A Flame" and the eerie space horror and industrial skulk of "Invisible Empire". The untitled eighth track is the one unreleased recording on here, and it's a killer blat of dark ambience that makes my skin crawl, a deep Lustmordian drone flecked with glitchy computer noises and unnerving dissonance. The whole disc tends to lean more towards the darker, more ambient side of Bjerga/Iversen's improv recordings, but that is where these guys really shine anyways, so who's complaining. The whole disc flows together so nicely that it hardly even sounds like the compilation that it is, and anyone who hungers for the heavier and more corroded end of the deathdrone/dark ambient spectrum needs to hear it. Think Maurizio Bianchi's cold industrial drones combined with the fractured, blackened industrial throb of newer Wolf Eyes, Lustmord's cavernous ambience, early krautrock and the grinding guitar buzz of Earth's 2. Sounds pretty great, right? This is definitely the place to start, and after sinking your ears into this heavy collection of psychedelic industrial drone, you might just want to start hunting down all of the other fifty-plus releases that Bjerga/Iversen have released over the past few years... Nice red and black packaging, and the booklet has some well written liner notes on the duo written by Tobias Fischer.

  • Jan Iversen / Sindre Bjerga

    (Go With The Flow) Like a Twig on the Shoulders of a Mighty Stream


    Carbon Records CR178

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