Entente Cordiale - 100 yrs

Crucial Blast

More formless, heavy amp-drone jams from the Rochester-based group Entente Cordiale. 100 yrs is made up of two long, untitled tracks...the first features a gradually building storm of shambling free-guitar-noise, lots of mangled, howling feedback, and loud vibratory drones emitting from the amplifiers. The second track works up some great, shimmery feedback textures into almost My Bloody Valentine style blobs of wobbly, melodic pink noise before lumbering into a crushing horizontal dirge with two drummers pounding away under waves of amplifier chant. I love it when formless guitar noise and feedback rock creeps into that sugary territory between mid-90's Skullflower and MBV's Loveless, and this track delivers. Loud, lo-fi, melted drone-rock with three guitars that draws from the whole amp sludge/Skullflower/Earth 2 legacy...I can never get enough of this stuff. 34 minutes of pure guitar damage. Comes packaged in a heavy watercolor paper sleeve with blue and silver artwork screenprinted onto it.

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