Tuurd rises from the ashes of Hilkka. featuring Nuuj and Joe, on bass and drums respectively. its a loud loud stink. a large intestine full of metal/stoner/doom/spazz/noise.

In the tradition of Ruins, godheadsilo, Halo, Lightning Bolt, Big Business, Hella, Orthrelm and Om. Influenced by Corrupted, Abruptum, Sleep, Harvey Milk, Crom, Melvins, Karp, Killdozer, Zeni Geva, Thrones, Earth, Sunn 0))), Codiene, Painkiller, Oxbow, Cheer Accident, Slug, Unsane, Pelican, Meshuggah, 400 Blows, Isis, and of course Black Sabbath.

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Joe Tunis - drums, vocals     Nuuj - bass, vocals    

Tuurd Releases

  • Tuurd

    Not So Heavy / Pollock Dracula

    7", w/ Wood Print

    Carbon Records CR206
  • Tuurd

    I wish my wife was this dirty


    Carbon Records CR198
  • Tuurd

    cover the Earth (black long sleeve)


    Carbon Records CR152a

    Out of stock