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This is a double release, one CDR (with a data section including bonus MP3s) and one DVDR. both contain 40+ mins of material. both started with a 24+min Sheet performance from the summer of 2004, editted, looped and time/sample-compressed. For those who don't know, Sheet is Nuuj from Hilkka/Pengo/Coffee/etc, plaing amplified sheet metal (using contact mics and guitar pickups) run thru multiple effects pedals/units and, finally, into various stacks of amplifiers. This is LOUD!!! He once made me piss my pants with the shear volume, frequency range and air-pushing force, seriously!


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    by burlapwax


    I picked this CD/DVD set up the day it was released at a show last year in Rochester NY, just played it again for the first time in months. Forgot how sweet this stuff is... Sheet is one of...