Loren MazzaCane Connors / Vapour Theories



Carbon Records CR216

Two sides of spirited electric guitar instrumentals, each on diverging paths. A 2011 live set at the London's Cafe OTO finds Loren Connors moving in real-time from his signature pointillism to what becomes an open expanse of chords and scrapes that billow like smoke plumes. On the flip, Bardo Pond spin-off Vapor Theories (Michael and John Gibbons) chase the blues down a dense and occasionally ecstatic bit of ebow mangling. [Includes digital download code.] First pressing limited to 300 copies!! Mastered by James Plotkin. Artwork/design by Carbon {random color vinyl. Includes download coupon.]


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    Every year on Record Store Day, there's inevitably a record from psychedelic space rockers Bardo Pond, and every year, it's SO limited, we barely get any, and thus there are a lot of disappointed BP fans. This year was more...