Kelli Shay Hicks



Carbon Records CR130

a great little EP from Kelli Shay Hicks, clocking in at just under 10min. 3 field recordings of Kelli Shay's amazingly delicate, but sharp, songs-- recorded by Jem Cohen in abandonded urban spaces off the hi-ways of upstate New York. "Kelli Hicks is well versed in the timeless. While her minimalist finger picking style, gentle voice, and wry lyrics recall the 'New Americana' movement, she’s not pretending. When you see her play, it becomes clear: This is Kelli Hicks’ music. Nothing else..." -- Chad Oliveiri, City Newspaper. "Kelli Hicks has a voice to break your heart. Her music is haunting and playful… I’m left quietly devastated." -Davey Rothbart, FOUND Magazine. [packaged in a chip-board folder with 2-color silk-screen artwork. co-release with Atone Records] - check out more info on Kelli - www.kellishayhicks.com


  • Athens Banner-Herald

    by David Eduardo


    This is not the banal story of a doe-eyed Midwestern girl, with a big voice and three chords, who migrates to Nashville in search of Country and Western riches.Truth is singer-songwriter Kelli Shay Hicks, performing at Flicker Theatre on...