joe+n plays guitar improvisations, sometimes incorporating found-sound, tape manipulations, various feedback sources, and more, taking everyday background sounds and re-presenting them as pure sound, etc. joe+n has also played numerous day-tours, a concept he came up with, for playing mulitple shows around the Rochester NY area all in 1 day, every hour on the hour.


Joe Tunis - guitar, effects, vocals    

Joe+N Releases


  • City Newspaper

    by Luke Strosnider

    [ART PIECE] Joe Tunis' (aka Joe+N) sculpture provides a palate-cleansing meditation to soothe the eyes after their initial jolt. Hung on the wall like a painted canvas, his piece features a large, square sheet of new, smooth plywood with...
  • Vital Weekly

    by Jliat

    Joe+N's 3inch has two pieces of guitar, steel strings? Either de-tuned or tuned to some exotic scale? and looped melodica which unfortunately for me sounded at times a little like a harmonica, especially on the second of the two...
  • Heathen Harvest

    by empty j

    [Joe+N - Head Cold - Dirty Demos(UK)]Carbon Records is one of the more adventurous resources for homemade experimental music based in the U.S. This label / distribution outfit always has some interesting offerings, often international releases that...
  • Tokafi

    by Tobias Fischer

    Location Study - field recording compilation CD - Save yourself that walk: A fresh angle and perspective in field recordings.Field recordings are doomed to remain a niche forever – the majority of listeners will simply claim you might as well sa...
  • City Newspaper

    by Alex Miokovic and Heidi Nickisher


    Joe Tunis' (joe+n) Uprooted is a zen-like "performance" of bamboo reeds in oak frames that are screwed through onto a thick, vertical piece of paduak wood flanked on each side by floor-to-ceiling strips of brown paper with latex paint...