estate sale


estate sale


Carbon Records CR125

"In Spring of 2005 Hinkley started working on their latest CD, Estate Sale, with the help of Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah, Clem Snide, Yo La Tengo). Recorded in both Brooklyn and Rochester, the mixing and production duties of the record were split between Adam and Hinkley (Adam mixing half the record remote in Los Angeles and Hinkley mixing the other half in Rochester). Each mix was carefully constructed and well though out, in some cases changes to the arrangement or instrumentation occurred after all the tracks were recorded and mixing was well underway. This approach gives the record a unique feel.

Musically Estate Sale encompasses a wide variety of ideas weaving between country, 60's pop and indie-rock, while still grounded in the distinct sound that has given Hinkley its name." simply put, this is one of the best pop/rock records i've heard in quite some time, and hence, i was compelled to release this CD (joe).


  • Delusions of Adequacy

    by Jeff Marsh

    estate sale

    On their third release and second full-length, the Rochester musicians in Hinkley offer a brilliant album of perfectly produced, stylistically diverse pop music that is sure to find widespread appreciation if given the opportunity. If every city has its band...
  • Miles of Music

    by Robinson

    estate sale

    Estate Sale coolly exposes a wide variety of musical styles, all or which flow gracefully amongst each other while still maintaining a sound to identify as a band called Hinkley. The Rochester, NY group is fronted by songwriter Will Veeder....
  • Indie Pages

    by Dagger

    estate sale

    Other than the Goo Goo Dolls (ugh….ok, when they first started out they actually had a kinda cool Ramones sound but what the hell happened ???) Rochester, NY ain't known for much (and if it is, will someone please tell me...
  • City Newspaper

    by Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

    estate sale

    With the familiar, downtempo strum-strum-strum that opens Estate Sale, it appears as if Hinkley leader and principle songwriter Will Veeder is about to lead the band down the same melancholy path it explored with such lustrous results on the band's 2004...