100 yrs

Entente Cordiale

100 yrs


Carbon Records CR102

a little over 34min of triple-guitar damage and drone. 2 tracks. not too far from their first release, 1904, at first. but the second track, ends with a crushing 10+min drone and dual-drummer action. even took us by surprise ; ) [original covers were hand-silkscreened, edition of 102. 2 color print job. about 30 of them are silver and gold, while the rest are silver and dark blue, on heavy watercolor paper (textured). re-release is a simple color-printed cover. folded into a plastic sleeve.]


  • Crucial Blast

    100 yrs

    More formless, heavy amp-drone jams from the Rochester-based group Entente Cordiale. 100 yrs is made up of two long, untitled tracks...the first features a gradually building storm of shambling free-guitar-noise, lots of mangled, howling feedback, and loud vibratory drones emitting...