Kites With Broken Strings

Autumn in Halifax

Kites With Broken Strings


Carbon Records CR117

autumn in halifax is "the quiet avant folk drone guitar and voice of david merulla." and this release showcases pretty much every aspect of that description. in addition to his amazing guitar/looping and vocal work, he is joined on a number of tracks by various friends from his previous stomping grounds in the San Diego (post)pop/rock scene. David does an amazing job of mixing delicate (and catchy) melodies and looping, with abstract sounds and textures .


  • Two Way Monologues

    by Dan

    Kites With Broken Strings

    A lot of people have a tough time understanding how I can appreciate watching baseball, golf or even (gasp!) curling as much as I do, and I can understand that. The reality is that those activities just move too slowly...
  • Delusions of Adequacy

    by Jeff Marsh

    Kites With Broken Strings

    "Thank you…from the bottom of my bloody folk heart," David Merulla writes in the liner notes for Autumn in Halifax's Kites with Broken Strings, and I'm struck with what an interesting description that would be for this band: bloody fo...
  • Pop Matters

    by Michael Franco

    Kites With Broken Strings

    Autumn in Halifax is (mostly) David Merulla, and to get an idea of his music, it helps to know that he's intrigued by both nature and architecture, and these two obsessions shape his music. Like the former, his songs are...