Carbon Bands:

Ada le O
Ails al'on
Andy Gilmore
Autumn in Halifax and the Leaves
Bruise Halo
Chad Oliveiri
Crush the Junta
Deciduous vs Conifer (aka AC vs DC)
Entente Cordiale
John Charlton
Jungle Heart
Kelli Shay Hicks
SHED (aka Jungle Heart)
Transcendental Manship Highway



Birth: December 17, 2000
Members: Nuuj



Asthmatic is not free jazz. Asthmatic makes people pay for Jazz.

Technical requirements needed are:
Two (2) Microphones, preferably not crappy vocal microphones. These should be amplified as much as possible without feedback. A DI feed to the PA for a contact mic may be asked for.

Asthamtic likes to be as loud as possible. Nike Air Max | air max pas cher | nike air max pas cher

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      RELEASE: Faster
      I picked this CD/DVD set up the day it was released at a show last year in Rochester NY, just played it again for the first time in months. Forgot how sweet this stuff is... Sheet is one of the most intense harsh noise acts in the Eastern US. He has a joy for sound that brings freshness to every one of his projects, including Sheet, Pengo, Asthmatic, Hilkka, and his work with Arthur Doyle. If there are still copies of this out there, I recommend every harsh head pick one up. - burlapwax

      Volcanic Tongue
      RELEASE: i don't think the dirt belongs to the grass
      Massive, genre-defining 3xCD set packaged in a DVD case with full-colour artwork and full colour card stock insert housed in a natural-colour cotton bag with single-colour ink stamp art/logo and featuring exclusive tracks from a gob-stopping selection of underground players orbiting the Carbon universe. Limited to 500 copies. Tracks from: Aaron Rosenblum, Andy Gilmore, Anla Courtis, Antony Milton, Asthmatic, Autumn In Halifax, Blood and Bone Orchestra, Blood Stereo, Carlos Giffoni, Carpentry, Caustic Solution, Chad Oliveiri, Chris Reeg, Cock ESP, Coffee, Craig Colorusso, Crawlspace, Crush The Junta, The Davenport Family, Dead Machines, Entente Cordiale, Foot and Mouth Disease, G55, Gastric Female Reflex, Heathen Prayers, Hilkka, Hinkley, Howard Stelzer, Irene Moon, Joe+N, John Charlton, Justice Yeldman, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Lunt, Mike Shiflet, Nancy Garcia, Neil Campbell, Pengo, Phroq, Pumice, Rainbeaux, Sindre Bjerga, Sindre Bjerga/Jan-M Iversen, Sq, Taiwan Deth, Taurpis Tula, The Body, The North Sea, Thurston Moore and Tinnitustimulus. Highly recommended.